Keeping Your Engine Cool

One of the common reasons as to why you might notice your car overheating is due to the radiator. The fan might not work properly, or there could be a blockage in the radiator. When the radiator fails, you'll likely notice that the temperature gauge will quickly rise because the coolant is trapped in one area.

Another reason as to why your car might be overheating while in Appleton, WI is because of a thermostat that is stuck in the closed position. When this happens, coolant isn't allowed to flow through the engine, resulting in it overheating. This is usually a simple repair that is usually inexpensive.

If your water pump doesn't work as it should, then you could notice issues with overheating. Sometimes, you can continue to put water in your cooling system, but if you were to forget to do this, then it could cause damage to the engine from getting too hot. A leaking water pump is one of the places to start checking for issues.

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