Grow Excited About the Chrysler Pacifica and Its Performance Features

You want a minivan that you can get excited about, one that will be enjoyable to drive. The Pacifica is the type of vehicle that gets you excited to get behind the wheel. This popular family minivan from Chrysler is made to perform great for drivers like you.

There are some minivans that excel, and the Chrysler Pacifica is one of those. This vehicle allows you to pull a trailer behind it. You can pull a good-sized load behind this vehicle without issue. This minivan is set up to pull up to 3,600 pounds.

You must stay in control on the road. More than anything, you need to be in control when driving if you are going to stay safe. One of the performance features of the Chrysler Pacifica that is made to help you stay in control and safe is the Electronic Stability Control feature. This feature helps you keep directional control.

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