Technology Features of the Chrysler 300

With a long history of popular full-size luxury sedans, Chrysler seeks to maintain its leading industry edge with the new Chrysler 300, a car that integrates the latest technology into its superior road performance and appealing visual design.

Chrysler's proprietary infotainment system is the UConnect 4C with the optional 4C NAV, an eight-inch screen set centrally into the dash that displays relevant information about the vehicle and the road ahead when the optional navigation system is installed. It also works with either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, keeping you apprised of the latest roadwork on your route and entertained with your favorite playlist.

Use the SiriusXM Guardian system that comes standard on all 300 models for roadside assistance and emergency calls. The 300 also comes with an optional Wi-Fi hotspot so that all members of the vehicle can stream videos or music, receive emails and use the internet. The system is powered by a 4G network that’s reasonably priced for unlimited data.

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