One of the best ways to ensure the health of your vehicle when you're driving in Appleton is to make sure you stay on top of your car's recommended oil change frequency. How often should you change your oil? The days of changing your oil every 3,000 miles are long gone thanks to advances in automotive technology. You can find out the right oil change frequency for your specific make and model by checking your owner's manual, but generally speaking you can expect to schedule an oil change every 7,500-10,000 miles. Find out more about how to determine your oil change frequency with the service team at Kolosso CDJR. 

Recommended Oil Change Frequency 

Again, the best way to find out how often you should change your oil is by checking your owner's manual. While that number will likely land between 7,500-10,000 miles, the way you drive can mean you need to bump up your oil change frequency. If you go off-roading near Green Bay, drive a commercial vehicle, race, or do heavy towing, you likely need to change your oil more often than recommended. Check your oil once a month. If it looks dirty and contains debris, it's time for an oil change. Driving with dirty or insufficient oil can lead to expensive engine damage. 

Oil Change Frequency Information

Here are a few other things you should do when it's time to change your oil: 

  • Check your owner's manual to see if you should use synthetic or conventional oil on your car. Synthetic oil costs more but lasts longer.
  • Oil eventually breaks down, even when the car isn't driven on a consistent basis. If you don't drive often you should still change your oil at least twice per year.
  • Make sure you change your oil filter whenever you change your oil. Our parts center can assist you in getting the right oil filter for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM. 
  • No matter how you drive, check your oil once a month to make sure you have a sufficient amount, and that it's not dirty. Checking your oil monthly can help you catch potential problems like engine leaks before they become really expensive repairs. 

Get an Express Oil Change at Kolosso CDJR! 

Just because you need to change your oil a few times a month doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of time waiting for the job to be finished. Not when you choose our express oil change service at Kolosso CDJR! Bring your vehicle to us today and get back on the road with time to spare!