A Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob battery or the key fob battery on any new Jeep vehicle for that matter can run out, causing problems with unlocking and locking your vehicle. So, can you change your Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob battery from home in Appleton? Yes! Kolosso CDJR covers how to change the battery in a Jeep key fob below!

Jeep Key Fob Battery: Signs Your Need a Change 

How can you tell if your Jeep key fob battery is really the problem? Appleton drivers may recognize some of these symptoms, all of which indicate that your Jeep key fob battery might be about to die: 

  • Unlocking and locking takes multiple tries: Many Green Bay drivers recognize this as one of the first signs that their Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob battery needs a replacement. If you find yourself pressing the buttons repeatedly just to get the key fob to communicate, you should look for a replacement. 
  • Limited range: When your Jeep key fob battery is fully operational, it works up to 50 feet away from the vehicle. As the battery starts losing juice, this range decreases. 

In the best conditions, your Jeep key fob battery lasts 3 - 4 years. If you're getting close to that point on your vehicle, you can grab a new battery from a Green Bay hardware store or parts center

How to Change the Battery in a Jeep Key Fob

It's pretty simple to learn how to change the battery in a Jeep key fob once you've acquired a CR2032 battery. The next few steps are simple to perform in your Appleton garage: 

  • Open the Jeep key fob with a flathead screwdriver. There should be a seam close to the keyring mount. 
  • Take apart the keyfob, opening up the circuit board and the keypad. 
  • Swap out the battery, (the negative side usually faces down). 
  • Re-assemble the key fob, one piece at a time. Now, try it out!

Need to program the Jeep key fob? Get inside the car, close all the doors, then put the keys to the "off" position on the ignition. Open the driver's door and press down the "lock" button. Now turn the key to the "on" position on the ignition and hold it for five seconds. After that, you should be able to pull your keys out and have a programmed key fob!

Get Jeep Parts at Kolosso CDJR

Your Jeep key fob is one of many parts in your Jeep that need attention, and that's why Kolosso CDJR has parts and accessories you can order and pick up here! And if you have any problems with your Jeep key fob you can't seem to fix, you can get in touch with out service center. In all cases, we're here to help, so give us a call today!