Checking the coolant levels in your vehicle is easy. All you need to do is park your vehicle on a flat surface and find the coolant reservoir alongside your engine. Do not open the radiator cap if your vehicle has been running, or you may burn yourself when the hot coolant or steam escapes. 

You may be wondering, "What is coolant?" Coolant is a fluid that transfers heat from your engine block and regulates the engine temperature as you drive in Kaukauna. Engine coolant contains an additive that prevents it from freezing or overheating during the winter and summer months. Learn how to check your coolant levels and more about what coolant does for your vehicle with the Kolosso CDJR service team below.

Checking Your Coolant Levels

While your engine coolant runs through the radiator, you don't need to open the radiator cap to check your coolant levels. In fact, you should not open your radiator cap if your vehicle has been running. Your radiator system is pressurized, and when you open the cap after your vehicle has been driving on Green Bay roads, it may spray hot coolant or steam, which can cause severe burns. 

Instead of trying to open the radiator cap, you should search for the coolant reservoir alongside your engine block. This reservoir will have markings on the side that will let you know if your coolant levels are low or not. Make sure you're parked on a flat surface before you check though. If you need to add coolant to your system, check your owners manual to find which kind your vehicle needs and then visit the Kolosso CDJR parts store. With your coolant, read the bottle to see if it's premixed or if you need to add water. While you're adding coolant to your vehicle, you should inspect the hoses and connections to ensure there is no damage, cracks, or leaks. 

When to Visit the Kolosso CDJR Service Center

Your engine coolant is thinner than oil but thicker than water. If your coolant has a sludgy appearance, you should schedule a service appointment at Kolosso CDJR as soon as possible. There could be an internal gasket leak that will drain your coolant quickly, causing your engine to overheat on your Neenah commute and cause serious damage to your vehicle. 

When to Change your Coolant

Your vehicle's coolant levels will deplete over time, which is why we recommend checking your coolant level every month alongside your oil and tire pressure. Coolant liquid can be green, blue, yellow, or red. If the coolant is brown or colorless, your vehicle's engine will need to be flushed and your coolant will need to be replaced. 

Service your Vehicle at Kolosso CDJR

Now that you know how to check your coolant level and what coolant is, visit our Appleton service center if you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle coolant. You can also read our service tips for more information on DIY car care and how long a synthetic oil change takes. Visit our certified CDJR team today. We look forward to helping you keep your vehicle running for years to come!