There's probably no driver in Manitowoc who has avoided seeing their check engine light come on their dashboard at one point or another. The check engine light on your dashboard can be a cause for concern. Still, you shouldn't panic if you see this light. Whether your engine is showing you cause for worry or not, you can schedule a service appointment at Kolosso CDJR to know whether or not your check engine light is the symptom of a larger problem. We can even help you reset your check engine light. In the meantime, Kolosso CDJR has the answer to how to reset a check engine light on your RAM 1500.

3 Ways to Reset Your Ram 1500 Check Engine Light

There are multiple ways to turn off your check engine light on your RAM 1500. Below we will share with you our tips on how you can remove that little engine light from your dashboard.

Check the Gas Cap on Your RAM 1500

The cause of your engine light showing up on your dashboard could be your gas cap. Have a look to see if your gas cap has a crack or is loose. The engine light should turn off when you open and close the gas cap. If the light does not shut off, we have another option. You may want to disconnect the negative battery cable. Kolosso CDJR services vehicles from Green Bay to Waupaca and beyond!

Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable

When you try the gas cap, and it does not turn off the engine light, we suggest you try and disconnect your negative battery cable. Sometimes, the negative cable can be a temporary solution to eliminating the engine light. Disconnecting your negative battery cable is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are the steps for Oshkosh drivers like you to easily disable the engine light.

  • Shut off the ignition of your RAM 1500.
  • Put on safety glasses and gloves.
  • Find the negative terminal under the hood. The cap is typically black with a negative (-) symbol. 
  • Use a wrench to loosen the negative terminal. Then, pull the negative connector from the battery. 
  • Wait 30-60 seconds before reconnecting the negative cable.

*Please note: Disconnecting your negative cable can reset the infotainment system.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Kolosso CDJR

Ensure that there is nothing wrong with your engine. Whether you are out driving in Neenah, or are stopped on the side of the road, check for strange noises or smoke. The engine is likely okay, but there is a chance it's not., It's always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, we recommend Kaukauna drivers such as yourself visit our service center for a second look for your safety. Our team will tell you if any issues lie under the hood of your truck. Schedule your service appointment with us now!