Many Kaukauna drivers ask the question, "how much does it cost to lift a truck?". The answer lies in your specific desires for a lifted truck. You have likely have come upon research that does not give you a definitive answer. But the truck enthusiasts in Green Bay here at Kolosso CDJR know that to figure the cost of a lifted truck is to know what type of truck will suit your wants and needs. That's why, at Kolosso CDJR, we are here to help you find out how much it could cost to lift your truck. Contact us to learn more!

Cost To Lift A Truck: Lift Kits

How much is it to lift a truck will depend on the kind of lift kit you choose. Lift kit prices vary widely. A lift kit can range from affordable to costly. The price depends on if you want a leveling kit or a body kit. Depending on your choice, these types of lift kits cost between $100-$500. However, the relatively low cost is because these lift kits are meant for appearance purposes only. Say you want to enhance your truck's performance and off-road capabilities, a suspension lift kit is the best choice. Keep in mind that a suspension lift kit can cost between $1,000 to $5,000. The cost of lift kits varies on what you want your lifted truck to do or how you want it to look. Schedule a service appointment with us today!

Why Should You Pay the Cost to Lift a Truck?

When you choose to spend money on a lift kit, you usually have your reasons. However, some friends in Neenah or Oshkosh may wonder why a lifted truck is worth the cost. Here are examples of why people near Waupaca choose to lift a truck:

  1. Lift kits can provide excellent ground clearance for off-roaders. Not to mention lift kits offer better shock absorption and improve tire traction. Serious off-roaders will invest in a lift kit to enhance their outdoor adventures.

  2. Residents in Manitowoc choose to beef up their truck's appearance, to change the look of their truck.

  3. You do not have to love off-roading to want to improve your truck's performance. A lift kit can enhance the quality of your MPG.

  4. The investment of a lift kit gives your lifted truck better suspension. You will endure lower maintenance costs and add a higher resale value.

Explore Lift Kits and Truck Accessories with Kolosso CDJR!

At Kolosso CDJR, we hope we have helped you figure out costs to a lifted truck. When you are ready to add a lift kit to your used or new truck, contact us. We want you to get the most out of your lifted truck!