The Most Annoying Driving Behaviors

We see all kinds of drivers on the road each day. For the most part, drivers are respectful of other drivers. However, there are some drivers out there that just do the most irritating things. Here are some of the most annoying driving behaviors.

Talking on the cell phone- People that talk on their cell phones while they are driving are extremely likely to cause an accident. Also, these drivers aren't paying attention to the road so you see them driver slower than everyone else, weave in and out of lanes and stop for extended periods at intersections. 

Throwing stuff out the window- There is nothing more annoying than driving in back of someone who throws their trash out the window. People throw all kinds of stuff out the window from fast food wrappers to cigarette butts to water bottles to plastic bags. If you are driving in back of someone who liters out their window, these things are likely to end up on the windshield of your car. 

Driving too slow- There are speed limits for a reason. Yes, they are to keep people from driving too fast but on places like the highway, there is also a minimum speed limit. There is also a slow lane for these kinds of drivers. There is nothing worse than having a slow driver in front of you in the fast lane. 

Not cleaning the snow off- Some people are just plain lazy and clean just enough snow off of their car to be able to see and the rest they just let fly off. This does nothing but irritate other drivers because it blows off into the direction of other drivers and causes them not to be able to see. 

Riding the brakes- You know those people who are constantly stepping on the brakes. It is annoying as heck to have the car in front of you keep tapping their brakes for no reason at all. Or the driver that keeps slamming their brakes on so they don't hit the car in front of them.

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