In house car financing dealers offer their own automotive financing solutions rather than providing vehicle loans and leases through third-party lenders. As such, when you finance in-house, you make your car payments to a dealership directly instead of to a bank. 

The upside to this is that if you have bad credit, you'll be more likely to get approved, because the dealer decides whether or not to approve you, and they have an incentive to do so. The downside is that you'll probably pay more in interest. That said, many Kaukana and Neenah area car buyers with little or no established credit have benefitted from the in-house financing here at Kolosso CJDR, and you can, too!

The Pros to In-House Financing

Choose in-house car financing for a faster and more efficient car buying process, plus these other benefits:

  • Easier pre-approval
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Extended warranties
  • Lower credit scores more often approved

Whether you just want more extended warranty options for buying your next used vehicle, or you're actively trying to rebuild your credit and are having trouble getting approved at other Green Bay area lenders, in-house financing could help you. Apply online today if interested!

The Downsides to In-House Financing

The following could be signs of trouble, or even signs of in-house financing-related scams:

  • If the dealer lets you drive away in your vehicle before agreeing on the payment term
  • "Approved" vs. "approval" - if the auto manufacturer approves the dealer, they are approved and have higher standards for quality and trustworthiness
  • If the car dealer doesn't report to a credit bureau, that could be problematic
  • If you get a call saying your financing plan fell through and need to provide more money, or you're quoted one interest rate and then it increases, exercise caution

In addition to the above concerns surrounding shady in-house financing, you should know that even reputable in-house financing like the solutions we provide here at Kolosso CJDR near Manitowoc and Oshkosh will often cost you more than comparable financing through a lender. Accordingly, we invite you to talk to one of our finance experts to discuss whether in-house financing is the best solution for you.

Contact Us or Apply for Financing Today

Whether you choose in-house financing or our other financing options, here at Kolosso CJDR, we're here to help you get approved for a car lease or loan that gives you access to a vehicle that meets your needs! Feel free to apply online today or get in touch with your financing questions. We look forward to further assisting you and other Waupaca area drivers with all your financing related needs.