When getting your Dodge serviced at Kolosso CDJR, you want to know if you'll be covered by the excellent Dodge warranty. You're in luck because the available Dodge Extended Warranty covers many parts of your car for as long as you own it, while the standard Dodge warranty that comes with a new Dodge also covers a significant amount. Kolosso CDJR is the place Appleton and Oshkosh trust for new Dodge vehicles and today. We're here to help you with information on the Dodge factory warranty.

Dodge Basic Limited Warranty

The lowest level of warranty coverage for your new Kaukauna Dodge is the Dodge Basic Limited Warranty. It applies to your car for the first 36,000 miles or three years - whichever comes first. Your Dodge is covered from front to back, with everything from your door hinges to your electrical system being covered. What parts of your car does the warranty cover? Here are just a few:

  • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  • Oil and water pump
  • Supercharger
  • Transmission range switch
  • Torque converter
  • Transmission case
  • Drive systems (four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, etc.)

Dodge Powertrain Warranty

The Dodge Powertrain Warranty is an excellent value for when you drive your new Dodge off the lot into Neenah or Oshkosh. It applies to your car for the first 60,000 miles or five years - whichever comes first. A great feature of the Dodge Powertrain Warranty is that its transferable; if you sell your car to someone else, that person gets the features of the warranty until that 60,000 miles or five years arrive. The Dodge Powertrain Warranty also covers towing for those sticky situations.

Dodge Extended Warranty

The Dodge Extended Warranty is the best warranty you can get for your Dodge. It is also known as the Mopar® Warranty. After the expiration of your Dodge Basic Limited Warranty or Dodge Powertrain Warranty, you'll still enjoy comprehensive warranty coverage until the vehicle can't be driven anymore. This Dodge lifetime warranty is a great idea for people who want to hold onto their cars as long as possible.

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